Presentation of the exhibition

The annual event for the latest food creations :

  • A UNIQUE PANEL OF CREATIVE PARTNERS with a large number of start-ups focused on Food tech and regional SMEs to co-create and manufacture customised products.
  • A SHOWCASE OF INNOVATION that features all types of innovations in the food universe.
  • HIGHLIGHTS, SHOWS, AND EXPERIENTIAL SPACES to draw new ideas and explore new possibilities.
  • COVERAGE OF THE LATEST AND EMERGING TRENDS to better anticipate developments.
  • SPACES for partners and retailers to NETWORK AND SHARE EXPERIENCES: all types of retail, catering, snacking, e-commerce, specialised food stores
Panel unique de partanaires creatifs

Horizons 2020

NEW ORIGINS” refers to the many challenges posed by the ecological and digital transitions that are impacting food markets.

Origin has a plural meaning and can be understood in different ways:

  • Local or global,
  • Plant or animal,
  • Bio-sourced or recycled,
  • Certified or connected,
  • Territorialised or regulated, etc.

The novelty is in how consumers are currently encouraged to question / revisit our fundamentals:

  • Local product sourced from an attempt to preserve an ancient variety.
  • New emerging sector.
  • New types of value-increasing information.
  • Packaging increasingly uses bio-sourced plastics derived from renewable resources (plant, animal, residual, etc.).
  • New ways of reconciling origin with a geographical location by using Territorial Food Plans (PAT in French) or urban farms.

New origins require new tools:

  • Transparency over a product’s entire production chain.
  • New apps can analyse the nutritional properties of products.
Attente nouvelles origines


400 exhibitors, including
35% from outside of France
are first-time exhibitors every year
More than 1/3
of exhibitors are presenting innovations

More than 4,000 project holders ...
decision-makers from national and regional
purchasing centres for the catering and general and specialised mass-market retailers, both online and in stores

M.A.D.E. is the place where the food products of the future are imagined, invented, and adapted to the various distribution networks and their specific customers.