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    47500 SAINT VITE
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    Maison Roucadil is a family company 100% independant founded in 1890. Located in the heart of production area of the famous “Pruneau d'Agen” it offers a nice range of natural prunes form the Ente variety, walnuts and soft fruits.


    Thanks to our high expertise in the dried fruit sector, we offer high-quality products, an HACCP program, our IFS/BRC and ECOCERT certification. These factors enable us to supply Danone, the well-know supermarket chains in France with private and branded retail bags and through importer partnerships with several prune size.


    We use old recipes to offer high-quality prunes, soft fruits for private labelling and HORECA in organic  and in conventional.


  • Number : E57
  • Company type : pme
  • Total turnover : nc
  • Turnover in export market : nc
  • Production sites : 1
  • QTY min specific products : 54
  • Number of employees : 32
  • Commercial networks :
    gms, export, grossistes, epicerie, magasinsBio
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    gms, cash, export


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  • -Maison Roucadil (pruneaux d’Agen , fruits moelleux , fruits secs et confiseries)

    - Plaisir Nature (snacking, jus de pruneau et crème de pruneau)

    - Bio-source (gamme de fruits moelleux et de fruits moelleux secs en sachets ou en vrac)

    -Confiserie et spécialités du Sud-Ouest.


  • Agen Unpitted And Pitted Prune

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    Our Agen prune has the P.G.I certification and is unsorbated. Maison Roucadil is using all its expertise and some traditional recipes to obtain a natural and tasty fruits.

    We fully controlled all the steps from the plum production to the prune process. Therefore, we enable to guarantee a traceability form the orchards to the consumer final products. We select the ripest Ente plums full of sugar in order to offer the swettest prunes.

    Maison Roucadil can pack some different specific Agen prunes in pillow, flat bottom bag and quatro seal.


  • Soft Fruits

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    Maison Roucadil offers a soft fruits range in several retail bags weight (from 250gr to 5kg box or 4X2.5kg). For private labeling, we can supply in large volume some pillow bags, quatro seal or doy pack with our clients’ label or in printing bag.

  • Organic Agen Prunes And Soft Fruits

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    Our organic prunes PGI, soft fruits and nuts are certified since 2002. Maison Roucadil has always been close to it local environment in reducing at the outmost the pesticides spread and using natural management practices.

    We supply a large range of organic prune and soft fruit to some French/European supermarket chains under private labelling.

  • The Premium Agen Prune Pgi

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    The first drying ovens of the Ente plum were patented in the 1960s by the founder of our company. It allowed us to rejuvenate the traditional recipe of the premium prune (semi dehydrated) from Saint-Luc, a natural prune that has always been popular in the South-West.

    This PGI prune without preservatives and added sugar contains 100% of the plum juice and is not rehydrated. It comes from the know-how passed down from generation to generation. Its tate is unique!

  • Le Pruneaux Dénoyautés Paysans Zrp (Zéro Résidu De Pesticides)

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    Maison Roucaidl s’est toujours engagé dans une démarche environnementale car ceci fait partie intégrante de notre philosophie.

    Nous offrons des pruneaux pour le secteur du babyfood en fournissant des acteurs majeurs de l’alimentation infantile. Dans ce cadre-là, des audits rigoureux et des analyses - notamment sur les pesticides – sont menés. La réussite de ces audits est le fruit de 10 ans de recherche en étroite collaboration avec certains de nos producteurs. Donc, s’inscrire dans la démarche ZRP (Zéro résidu de pesticides) est la suite logique de cet engagement et de nos convictions.

    Notre pruneau ZRP s’inscrit dans le courant actuel du « bien manger » en répondant aux attentes des consommateurs, garantissant un contrôle strict de cahiers des charges et une traçabilité optimale. Nous sommes les premiers de la filière Pruneau à croire en ce label.

    Voici les atouts de notre pruneau dénoyauté ZRP :

    Le 1er pruneau Zéro Résidu de Pesticides sur le marché

     Une démarche de producteurs engagés

     Cahier des charges Collectif Nouveaux Champs

     Un doypack avec zip de refermeture

     Un pruneau sans conservateur et pasteurisé.




Category Recette / Formulation

Maison Roucadil has always been committed to an environmental approach because this is an integral part of our philosophy.

We offer prunes for the baby food sector by providing major players in infant nutrition. In this context, rigorous audits and analyses - particularly on pesticides - are conducted. The success of these audits is the result of 10 years of research in close collaboration with our producers. Therefore, being part of the ZPR (Zero Pesticide Residue) approach is the logical continuation of this commitment and our convictions.

Our ZPR prune is part of the current “eating healthier” trend by meeting consumer expectations, ensuring strict control of specifications and optimal traceability. We are the first in the Prune sector to believe in this label.

Here are the advantages of our ZPR French pitted prune :

- The first Zero Pesticide Residue prune on the market
- Committed producer approach with a strict tracebility
- Specifications “Collective New Fields”
- A doypack with a closure zip
- A prune without preservatives and pasteurised.
Presentation: 10/01/2019


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