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    Our history...

    In 1982, Lucien Georgelin, a Farmer from Lot-et-Garonne, quickly understood that he had to sell his products off his farm if he wanted to make a living. In addition to the cultivation of fruit and vegetables, there were during summer also the feeding and canning of duck and during winter the manufacture of jams with the fruits from his agricultural holding .

    His wish, to highlight the production "on the farm" and to promote the products from the terroir .

    At his beginnings in his garage, equipped with two copper kettles and two tripods,  there are 10kg of jams which are manufactured in the same time. Recipes inspired from his mother Elyse’s recipes, which he sells after in gourmet shops, markets or seaside resorts of the Atlantic coast. Its mode of transport at that time: the 4L car.

    Consumers feel rapidly passionate about his recipes and his special cooking method which reminds them of their childhood.

    After 8 years of hard work, a banker who was fallen in love of his products granted him a credit line of 100 000 francs (15 000 euros) to start his adventure in 1990.


  • Number : G55
  • Company type : pme
  • Total turnover : 30to150
  • Turnover in export market : nc
  • Production sites : 2
  • QTY min specific products : Undefined
  • Number of employees : 230
  • Commercial networks :
    gms, grossistes, restauration, magasins, magasinsBio, epicerie, export
  • Desired sales networks :
    gms, cash, magasins, magasinsbio, freezer, export


  • Name : Stéphane JOLIT
    Phone : 0689895625
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  • Name : Lucien Georgelin
    Phone : +33(0)
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  • Name : Julie Bertoni
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  • Organic Agriculture Label
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  • Lucien Georgelin, Les Recettes Cuites au Chaudron, Lucien Georgelin Céréales, les vielles conserves d'autrefois, les légumes à ma façon, Carrefour, Carrefour sélection, Promocash, Monoprix Gourmet,Biocoop, Métro ( Horeca Select), Nos régions ont du talent, Patrimoine Gourmand, Itinéraires des Saveurs, Élodie, Mmm ! (auchan)...


  • Epicerie Salée

    Lucien Georgelin offers a wide range of savory products for your aperitifs, your starters or to sublimate your dishes.

    A range of farmer terrine

    Reminding his mother recipes’, Lucien Georgelin developped this range without conservatives or additves. What more natural than these recipes ! As homemade terrine, the fat is visible because there are no additives to set the recipes.

    The best: A minced meat as in the old days, 100% french meat and traditionnal recipes from the South West of France.

    A range dedicated to Marmande tomato

    Marmande being the capital of tomato, Lucien Georgelin wanted to highlight the partenrship between his work industry and the local producers (around fifty) in the region. Prepared with tomatoes harvested in the marmandais region, known for their flavor and sweet taste, tomato sauces Lucien Georgelin is the assurance of a quality product respecting the taste of «homemade». 

    A range of tourin (tomato soup) in family format and plastic jar with a spoon completes this range.

    Our range of culinary accompaniments

    Our culinary accompaniments are made with fruits, sugar and a zest of vinegar to create these chutney recipes that would perfectly match with foie gras, cheese or meat... Available in glass jars and plastic cup.

    Our range of "spreads"

    For appetizer, pie crust or in a cake, Lucien Georgelin «spreads» range contains different flavors and are an inexhaustible inspiration source: black or green olives tapenade, tomato, artichoke, carrot, but also salmon, snails and even foie gras.

    Our range of foie gras

    Lucien Georgelin foie gras respect the traditionnal recipe with a touch of innovation.

    A well-known South West speciality, our foie gras is cooked like old days with whole foie gras to offer a quality product.

    Our range is also composed of whole ducks foie gras with fruit bed proposed in individual glass jar, a Lucien Georgelin innovation !

    These association of sweet and salty ingredients are declined in 6 recipes to sublime foie gras during the tasting.

  • Epicerie Sucrée

    Lucien Georgelin is first and foremost a know-how, the love of the terroir and carefully selected ingredients. Recognized for his jams and fruit preparations, very regularly medal winners at the Concours Général Agricole in Paris since 2014, Lucien Georgelin has, like the hazelnut spread of Lot-et-Garonne and without palm oil, been able to give birth to innovative products.

    Always attentive to our customers, our sweet products have diversified to offer tasty and generous recipes, which highlight the local products.

    All of our recipes have a common thing: they are cooked in a cauldron as before and prepared without preservatives, without addition of aroma and without dye.

    Our range of compote are proposed in familial glass jar, in individual cups with a spoon for the vending machine and in plastic cups 4x100g. Particularly rich in fruits, this recipes are full of flavors.

    Our sweets, handmade by our confectioners, our candies maintain the tradition with different flavors of fruits, flowers, caramelized, or soft and crunchy textures that will remind your childhood.

    Our hazelnut and cacao spread, richer in hazelnut than market recipes, our hazelnut spread put forwards the real taste of hazelnut.
    Lucien Georgelin’s hazelnut spread exist in different size and in organic range to satisfy the entire family at breakfast or for a snack on a toast or in your yogurt and dessert.

    Our jams, inspired by old recipes updated to today’s taste, they are in turn : rich in fruits, no added sugar, traditional, organic, exotic ...

    Our cereals range, made in South-West of France, we have a varied range of cereals to reply of differents needs of ours consumers : gourme cereals from Lucien Georgelin’s know-how stuffed with hazelnut spread, fruits preserves, honey, milk or caramel in traditionnal and organic range.

  • Gamme Bio

    To meet consumer's needs, Lucien Georgelin has developped a sweet and salty organic range.

    Recipes made with organic fruits or vegetables, organic sugar ... and presented under a bucolic graphic charter that refers to the nature and symbolism of organic.

    Organic jams, Organic hazelnut and cacao spread and Organic sweets for sweet range. For salty range : Organic "spreads", Organic tomato sauces and 4 organic terrines recipes will be coming soon !

  • Le Fruit De L'exploit

    Developed by a team of sportsmen and dieticians, our range "the Fruit of the Exploit" is regularly tested and approved by different sportsmen: cyclist, triathlete, rugby player, ...

    Lucien Georgelin's special commitment to sport has given him the idea and the desire to launch a range of fruit paste dedicated to athletes. A product to accompany the athlete before, during and after the effort.

    Our range is composed of "booster", a fruit paste rich in vitamin B1 and contributes to the normal transformation of food into energy, "Endurance", which gives you a progressive energy throughout the effort thanks to fructose and "Prépa +" offers a savory snack over long distances and allows alternating sweet and salty.

    Without dyes and without artificial flavors, the tasting of our products is a real taste pleasure. Our 30g sticks, with good fruit taste, benefit from a flexible and practical packaging for easy use during the effort.




Category Recette / Formulation

The Lucien Georgelin Marmande area tomato sauces without added sugar is four healthy and natural recipes but also a committed product. Fields grown tomatoes and cultivated in Marmande area by local producers, cooked with some species et no added sugar : the fruit in pure state !

4 gourmets and delicious recipes cooked in copper cauldron, like in the old days. This method allows to preserve the natural fruit flavours and bring a unusual taste thanks to the authentical cook.

Natural tomato, tomato with onion and garlic, tomato with Espelette pepper and tomato basil to vary the tastes with different recipes without sugar. As all our products, these recipes are cooked in Lot-et-Garonne, without colouring agent, without conservatives, without additives and without added aroma.

By the way, the Marmande tomato use it is before everything the support of a branch that is today in big difficulty and the stoplight of 50 regional producers. We need to know that today only 15% of the national tomato can consumption is acquired by the French production. A sad observation that encourages to act. Our range gives us the possibility to act !
Presentation: 01/07/2019


Category Recette / Formulation

The new Lucien Georgelin organic cereal range with 30% less sugar is two new recipes of organic cereals, healthy and gourmet. In one hand, there is organic honey ball with 30% less sugar and on the other hand, the organic chocolate flakes with 30% less sugar. Two delightful and natural recipes : without colouring agent, conservatives, additives or added aroma. But also, more virtuous for the health thanks to the low sugar rate. Here is the innovative character !

These two recipes, star products for the children breakfast, will be very appreciated by both young and old for the richness of their natural taste. The popcorn and honey alliance in the honey ball
cereals and the association with chocolate powder, French whole wheat and few honeys of the Petal choc cereals.

As all our cereal range, these two products are made in France in our Villeneuve-sur-Lot workshop based in the heart of Lot-et-Garonne. They are produced with carefully selected premium ingredients.
Presentation: 01/03/2020


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