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image ETIC'S


  • Name : ETIC'S
  • Address :
    10510 CHATRES
    +33 631420283
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  • Website :
  • Description :

    ETIC's is a gathering of small producers offering original flavours in order to market and deal his products using the way of grouping.

    ETIC's selects the best originals products. We highlight the quality as well as handmade not forgetting originality.

    ETIC's aims to protect and keep human contact favorising ethics and responsibles products.

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  • Number : E8
  • Company type : tpe
  • Total turnover : less2
  • Turnover in export market : nc
  • Production sites : 1
  • QTY min specific products : Undefined
  • Number of employees : 2
  • Commercial networks :
    gms, grossistes, restauration, magasins, epicerie, export, magasinsBio
  • Desired sales networks :


  • Name : Davina CitÉ
    Phone : +33631420283
    Email :
    Fonction : Responsable
    Service : Vente
  • Name : ETIC's
    Phone : (+33) 7 69 09 41 87
    Email :
    Fonction : Entreprise
    Service : Contact
  • Name : Kelly CitÉ
    Phone : +33631420283
    Email :
    Fonction : Reponsable
    Service : Production


  • Ethnic
  • Regional Products
  • New sensory experiences
  • Kosher
Non Food

Aucune spécificités non alimentaires pour le moment.


  • - APPOLINAIRE : Le mariage du rhum et des bulles

    - RUBIS BLANC : Pur malte français

    - L'EPICERIE CREOLE : Sélection de produits créoles

    - ON TI DOUSE : Planteur de grande qualité

    - VIVA MOJITO : Bases a cocktail MOJITO 100% naturelles

    - TEMA : Maté glacé bio prêt-à-boire

    - LES SAVEURS DE LA FOURNAISE : Produits artisanaux réunionnais

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  • Appolinaire

    img contact

    APPOLINAIRE is a natural Sparkling Rum. It is a new unique alcohol that combines the taste of rum and sparkling.

    APPOLINAIRE is a unique alcoholic drink that combines tradition and renewal and highlights caribbean products. It was therefore obvious that the raw material, rum, could only come from the Caribs. APPOLINAIRE is therefore made in mainland France from agricultural rum imported from Guadeloupe and Martinique. It undergoes a first fermentation then a second in bottle thanks to the traditional Champagne method, without adding CO2 or wine.

    The whole secret is in the fermentation and in the sugar cane grape, because each rum has its flavors, and a poor quality rum is immediately felt, because with fermentation all the notes stand out. Then it takes on average between 3 and 6 months for the beverage to get this natural sparkling and be marketable. APPOLINAIRE is much weaker than the original rum (only 12.7 °). It brings inspiration to the top of the spirit because the abrasive side of it makes it generally drunk in cocktails which prevents you from feeling all its subtleties.

  • On Ti Douse

    img contact

    Planter's punch ON TI DOUSE, is the fruit of a clever mix of premium ingredients for an extraordinary result.

    This one come from a mix of pure juices and nectars, syrups and agricultural rum from Guadeloupe as well as high quality spices.

    Fruit juices and nectars in ON TI DOUSE, are choosen from a serious selection based on tastes caracteristics.
    The spices range assure the balance and harmony of flavours.

    ON TI DOUSE has been rewarded of golden medals at agricultural fair 2019 and 2020.

  • Viva Mojito

    img contact

    Classic Mojito, this base for cocktail is 100% natural, without colorant and preservative.

    It is the perfect mix between mint, brazilian lemon and cane sugar. It creates a simple and effective product.

    With Viva Mojito, yoi can realize your cocktails quickly without missing them.

    Make a mojito in 30 seconds, it is possible !

    The Classic Mojitois the cocktail the most drunk by french people also it is the most difficullt to realize at home.

  • Tema

    img contact

    TEMA will stimulate your days at office, university, sports activies and everywhere you need a boost.

    TEMA is a delicious infused iced maté from yerba maté 100% bio.

    Without sugars, preservatives and additives added. Each carton brings only 4 calories, in a box 100%  recyclable TETRA PAK.

    TEMA will help to fight against physical and mental tiredness. The cafeine from yerba maté is absorbed by the body, extending focus as well as performances.

    This antioxidants could protect from inflammatory and cardiovascular diseases.

  • Les Saveurs De La Fournaise

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Aucune certifications pour le moment.



  • BEVERAGES Syrups, juices, nectars Syrup
  • BEVERAGES Alcoholic beverage Liquid products
  • BEVERAGES Wine Half Bottle
  • BEVERAGES Alcoholic Gin, Tequila, Vodka, Rum
  • BEVERAGES Alcoholic Cocktails
  • BEVERAGES Alcoholic Apéritif
  • SERVICES Services Distributor

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