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Published on 12/06/2019

image M.A.D.E.’s exhibitors

Funky Veggie is launching Cœur de boule, a gourmet, 100% natural snack made from dates and nuts with a peanut butter or Funkytella (chocolate-hazelnut) centre.

Wolf Butterback is launching two new Cruffins: vanilla-chocolate and cherry-chocolate. Cruffins are a butter croissant filled with muffin dough and stuffed.

Map presents a 100% tropical fruit snack with no colouring, preservatives, or added sugar. Our organic farming-certified fruit balls are also rich in fibre. They are produced from tropical fruit harvested and processed locally and responsibly in Ghana, thus promoting the local economy. In addition, the energy used in production comes from solar panels, and the waste is used to produce bio gas.

Maison Roucadil presents ptits Miam, 50 g mini packets of dried fruit (Agen prunes, soft apricots, or fruit pop) that fit easily in purses and schoolbags.

AMC France-Agricommerce presents a vegan, lactose- and gluten-free banana and coconut milk smoothie with a dash of coffee.

Innovorder presents a five-pronged software suite for restaurants: ordering, cashing, cooking, loyalty programme, and management. The start-up has already partnered with the likes of Bagel Corner, Bchef, Big Fernand, Colombus coffee, and salad & co, and is enjoying strong growth.

Fresh Food Village is recognised for its ability to innovate in the market of snacks, beverages, and breads, both in A-brands and private label brands. Fresh Food Village is a trend spotter that selects the most innovative, high-quality, and high-performance food products in every market segment. The latest products include Regent’s Park bagels and organic Taste of Nature bars

NOEL ALIMENTARIA specialises in the development and commercialisation of Spanish cold cuts. Kubdu Biltong is the first brand of meat-based snacks that offers a clean and tasty product made from the finest local ingredients and according to traditional drying processes. Kubdu Biltong is a tasty light meat snack made simply using local ingredients: fresh Pyrenean veal steak or marinated chicken fillet lightly sprinkled with Mediterranean spices. It is then slowly dried for a week at low temperature (< 30ºC) to preserve its flavour, aroma, and nutritional properties. Appetising thin slices packaged in modified atmosphere.

SOLE MIO presents the world’s first frozen pizza cooked on an organic wood fire.

AVI-CHARENTES presents an oven-baked caramel and fleur de sel egg cream that is made using a short list of simple ingredients (“clean label”), in order to meet the expectations of consumers who are increasingly demanding and vigilant about product labelling.

MONBANA presents Petit Croc’, a range of crunchy grains and nuts coated with dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate.

PATISSERIES DES FLANDRES is launching new organic wafers for the appetiser course. This healthy and gourmet snack features three authentic varieties: grilled poppy and squash seeds / emmental / beet and balsamic vinegar.
The SME’s pastry chefs refused to use palm oil, food dye, and preservatives, instead selecting simple high-quality ingredients, including seeds, real emmental, and beet juice and puree.

ENJOYED is a small family business that creates meal replacement beverages and take-away bars that can be enjoyed anywhere at any time. Whether you are at work, at play, at home, or outdoors, our meals can adapt to all your needs.
The convenient format of Enjoyed meals enables them to accompany you in your daily activities and bring you absolutely all the nutrients that your body needs.
100% vegan and/or vegetarian meal-replacement beverages that are nutritionally perfect: GMO-free, Lactose-free, Gluten-free, Palm oil-free, No chemical additives, No synthetic food dyes, Made in France, and an A Nutri-Score rating.

Emmi Dessert presents a fair-trade 100% organic tiramisu. Produced without any added flavour at all, the classic, sought-after flavour of this Tiramisù’s fluffy sponge cake soaked in coffee will surprise you from the first bite.

Piz’Wich Europe specialises in the creation and manufacturing of frozen snacks for mass distribution, catering, and airlines. We offer a wide range of pocket pizzas and flatbread sandwiches to meet your specific needs. Our factory is IFS and BRC-certified.

Laïta presents the unique combination of a dairy product and a fruit ... and nothing else! This new product contains 70% cottage cheese and 30% fruit puree, for a unique result. The cottage cheese is rich in protein and a source of calcium, and the fruit puree adds flavour and texture. A healthy and delicious dessert with apple sauce, combined with another fruit (banana, strawberry, exotic fruits, or red fruits) for even more deliciousness and differentiation. A clean recipe without preservatives, food colouring, or added sugar. This product is among the least sweet on the market, with only 10 g of sugar (contained naturally in the fruits) per 100 g of finished product. It comes in a familiar, convenient, and easy-to-use format: the tube! This nourishing blend of cottage cheese and fruit puree can be enjoyed either at the end of a meal or as a snack. Finally, we are currently the only player in the tube market to offer a product with an A Nutriscore rating. This exclusive innovation combines naturalness, freshness, and convenience in a tube!

Other recent launches

Rhythm 108 presents All Day Snack Bar, a range of vegan, organic, gluten-free snacks that contain one serving of fruit and no added sugar, GMOs, preservatives, artificial flavours, or artificial colouring.

KQF presents Wild Coast, a range of dried meat snacks: chilli beef, chili chicken, and salt-and-pepper beef. The products are high in protein and low in fat and sugars.

Fruit Bowl (UK) is adding a “Unicorn” option to its range of fruit snacks. It is a mixture of raspberry, strawberry, and blackcurrant. The soft fruit pieces are sugar-free and made from fruit puree.

Satisfied Snacks has patented a technology that transforms the ingredients of a salad into crunchy, gluten-free, vegetarian, 100% natural cookies that are easy to eat on-the-go.
With no potatoes, corn, wheat, rice, oil, or added sugar, the products are dried rather than fried, and each box contains one serving of vegetables (out of the five recommended each day).
The range features five options: beet and goat cheese, red pepper and walnuts, carrots and kimchi, peas and zucchini, and tomato and feta cheese. The products are handmade in a workshop that uses renewable energy and are packaged in 20 g recyclable metal cans.

Innoprax (Germany) is launching Lattesso, a lactose-free coffee beverage without added sugar.

NatureBox (USA) preseents a range of snacks with fruits and CBD. CBD (cannabidiol) is a hemp extract that has anti-stress properties but does not contain the active ingredient THC.

My Healthy Food presents Lunchbowls, a range of fresh, healthy, gourmet, and takeaway dishes. The ingredients are organic and generally seasonal. Note that the 14 notifiable allergens are de facto excluded, resulting in products that are particularly suitable for people with food allergies or intolerances.