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Published on 28/05/2019

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Coca-Cola is launching its first branded energy drink in two versions: plain and sugar-free. These taurine-free drinks are cola-flavoured and include natural caffeine, guarana, and vitamin B.

Panzani has just launched Panza Straw! An original response to the upcoming ban on plastic straws in France: These 100% biodegradable and compostable pasta straws are a traditional dough made with wheat and water, and will initially be available from wholesalers and food chains.

Intermarché is expanding its essential range with 2 fruit sticks that do not contain additives or added sugar.

Purely Elizabeth is launching a range of oatmeal with collagen and superfoods like quinoa and amaranth. The products are gluten-free and provide 11 g of protein.

General Mills is expanding its Epic Animal Protein snack range with breakfast bars made from chicken egg yolk and apple (13g protein) or egg yolk and bacon (9g protein).

Delighted by Hummus is launching a range of sweet, vegan, gluten-free, and GMO-free hummus

Vivien Paille is launching a range of organic rice grown in France. The range includes a special risotto rice and a special dessert rice.

In Italy, Nestle is launching Fitness Slow Release Energy, a range of breakfast cereals made from oats and isomaltulose that is slowly digested.

New ingredients that are relevant to innovation

Biospringer has developed Springer Mask 101, a by-product of yeast fermentation that counteracts the unwanted flavours of sweeteners (e.g., bitterness and metallic notes) and vegetable proteins (e.g., earthy or cardboard flavours). Springer Mask 101 significantly improves the nutritional profile of products without compromising on flavour. It is a natural ingredient that is suitable for vegans.
Beneo developed a high-performance thermal inhibition process that strengthens native rice starch granules to improve their functional properties. This technology enabled the creation of RemypureS52, a natural, clean, and functional rice starch that is comparable – or even superior – to chemically modified starches.
Puratos is expanding its Organic range with Sapore Santa Tempo Bio, an organic liquid spelt yeast that has been stabilised with sea salt and has lactic creamy notes. The sea salt stabilisation helps to preserve the flavours.
Arles presents Fruitmax Red 107 WS, a brilliant red dye ingredient made from concentrated vegetable juices, to replace carmine. It has a neutral flavour, is stable and suitable for use in baked goods, confectionery, cold cuts, and fermented milk.
Gat Foods presents Fruitlift, an ingredient made from real fruits that can replace refined sugars in breakfast cereals. Fruitlift contains 90% fruit components in a liquid base that can be injected into any flour mix of an extrusion line or applied via the coating drum during cereal production.

Regulation and certification watch (Source: Process alimentaire)

Article 24 of the Law of 30th October, 2018, requires catered meals to contain 50% of quality, durable products, including at least 20% of organic products, by 1st January, 2022.
Decree n°2019-351, published in the French Republic’s Official Journal of 24/04/19, lists the applicable notices and labels:
- Label Rouge (Red label),
- Appellation d’origine (Designation of origin),
- Indication géographique (Geographical indication),
- Spécialité traditionnelle garantie (Guaranteed traditional specialty)
- The label “issu d'une exploitation de haute valeur environnementale” (“from a farming operation with high environmental value”)
- The label “fermier” (“Farmer”) or “produit de la ferme” (“farm product”).

Decree of 17th April 2019 suspending the placing on the market of products containing the additive E171 (titanium dioxide - TiO2). The dye will be banned from 2020.
Commission Regulation (EU) 2019/552 of 4th April 2019 amending Appendices II and III to Regulation (EC) No 396/2005 of the European Parliament and of the Council regarding the maximum levels for residues of azoxystrobin, bicyclopyrone, chlormequat, cyprodinil, difenoconazole, fenpropimorph, fenpyroximate, fluopyram, fosetyl, isoprothiolane, isopyrazam, oxamyl, prothioconazole, spinetoram, trifloxystrobin and triflumezopyrim present in or on certain products (Text with EEA relevance.)