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Published on 28/05/2019

image The exhibitors’ products

Segafredo is launching Premium d’Arôme, a range of premium blends of three Arabica coffees: Brazil, Colombia, and Honduras. The range includes 2 conventional ground coffees, one organic ground coffee, and one organic coffee grain.

JapCook presents elaborate frozen products that are adapted to its customers’ needs.
Its range features Japanese classics: Yakitori, Yaki Tsukune, Yaki Beef Cheese (BEST SELLER), Chicken Gyozas, and Vegetable Gyozas under the brand name AKI YAKI.
In 2019, this range is expanding to include MINNAMAME Edamame in microwavable packets.
JapCook also presents a range of vegetable-based side dishes: SABOR & GUSTO bundles of vegetables and fruit wrapped with bacon.

NOEL ALIMENTARIA specialises in the development and commercialisation of Spanish cold cuts. Kubdu Biltong is the first brand of meat-based snacks that offers a clean and tasty product made from the finest local ingredients and according to traditional drying processes. Kubdu Biltong is a tasty light meat snack made simply using local ingredients: fresh Pyrenean veal steak or marinated chicken fillet lightly sprinkled with Mediterranean spices. It is then slowly dried for a week at low temperature (< 30ºC) to preserve its flavour, aroma, and nutritional properties. Appetising thin slices packaged in modified atmosphere.

Join the Pipe is a Dutch social firm established more than 10 years ago, which is currently present in the Netherlands, in England, and in France. We fight against waste by selling water dispensers and reusable bottles.
Paris City Bouteille is part of our range of bottles specially designed for each city where we are currently located. We also contribute to the installation of water dispensers in major cities around the world. BPA-free, Easy to wash, Dishwasher-safe, Made in The Netherlands, Volume: 500 ml

What sets Chocolaterie de Bourgogne apart from its competitors is its high production capacity, the flexibility of its structure, and its wealth of know-how. The plant is equipped with modern and efficient production equipment, which our engineers are constantly improving to keep us one step ahead of requirements in the sector. This makes us one of the few factories in the world to manufacture such a variety of products in such large volumes. Tablets, bars, chocolate candies, semi-finished products ... we help you imagine the chocolates of tomorrow.

Wolf Butterback presents the Chocolate Vanilla Cruffin. An innovative combination of croissant dough and chocolate muffin dough with crunchy bitter chocolate chips. The top-quality vanilla baked cream topping allows for plenty of topping options

De Kroes is a manufacturer of Aperitif Cookies (Crackers, Stuffed biscuits, Puff pastries) specialised in private label brands. The current star is the Flatbread stick, to be nibbled on its own or with dips. The range features various toppings and ingredients, like figs, Kalamata olives, and seeds.

Poult, a French subsidiary of Biscuit International, is innovating with a range of two soft biscuits: 100% soft, and filled. Discover the 4 flavours: chocolate/hazelnut and strawberry (for the filling options), and chocolate chips and red berries for the 100% soft. This innovation means Biscuit International is represented in the 5 breakfast biscuit types (standard, sandwich, topped, mini, and now soft and soft filled). It is more than ever your partner to grow your sales in this strategic value-creating segment.

FUCHS is the largest spice manufacturer and the largest private spice distribution company in the world. Founded in 1952 by Dieter Fuchs, the FUCHS Group now offers spices, delicatessen, and seasoning techniques for a wide range of customers, from large-scale distribution to catering and the food industry. FUCHS’ consistency and flexibility enable it to evolve with culinary trends, while always promoting the most delicious flavours. The company’s two innovations: Tonka bean sugar adds a hint of caramel and vanilla that improves any dessert.
A sparkling apple sugar that is ideal for desserts or to decorate festive dishes (e.g., Valentine’s Day, New Year’s, Easter).

Fripozo is a Spanish company that specialises in frozen products: Fish, vegetables, ready meals, pizzas, burgers, nuggets, cordon bleu, and a range of tapas.

Pâtisserie FABIÉ creates customised pies and desserts in France: Pie with mirabelle plum from Lorraine, raspberry pie without added sugar, plum clafouti, mini-pastries, ...
The company’s latest innovation is a unique tool in the B2B international food and beverage sector. The idea is to post a pie configurator online for all our customers and potential customers. In addition to our wide range of products, it offers a service for customising your own desserts: you choose your dough, your filling, the fruits, the decorations, the number of slices, the shape ... according to your needs and expectations. Then our sales department will contact you to discuss the feasibility of your request.

Following the acquisition of Fruité Entreprises in 2010, Britvic is the top company for fruit juices and syrups in France, with the Teisseire and Moulin de Valdonne brands for syrups and Pressade for organic juices. Britvic launched Diablo Verde, a drink made from orange juice, lime juice, natural cayenne pepper flavour, and cactus flavour. This beverage comes in a long-neck silkscreen printed 33 cl bottle.

Fromagerie La Lemance presents a full range of cheeses: to spread, fresh, unctuous, with and without crust, refined, cow’s milk, sheep’s milk, goat’s milk ...
One of these is Pur Bio, a cow’s milk brie that has been refined for 15 days.

La Conserverie Gendreau has been in the same family for 4 generations – a guarantee of authenticity and love for the product. With a double focus on tradition and modernity, Gendreau is imagination in a box!
Develop culinary and technological imagination: analyse, test, formulate, invest, create, innovate ... The goal is always to meet consumers’ desires for more enjoyment and convenience.
The company offers canned fish and hot and cold meal solutions to the Maison Océane brand, including organic and gluten-free options.