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Published on 15/05/2019

image Other recent launches

IBM research has developed a new catalyst (VolCat – Volatile Catalyst) to depolymerise (break the molecular chains) and transform waste – clean and dirty, transparent and coloured – into monomers that can be used for the production of new plastic polymer. Any plastic packaging – a bottle of milk, a plastic dish, or a package of biscuits – can be recycled and reused.

Plastobreiz is launching a range of recyclable, mono-material “vintage” jars: RPET and APET. This mutli-application sealable container has an industrial shape and a capacity of 271 ml

In a recent study published in the journal Polymers, researchers at Ohio State University announced the invention of a new rubber-reinforced product derived from microbial fermentation, which could replace plastics in food packaging.
As nearly 90% of plastics are not currently biodegradable, this solution could provide a revolutionary response to the problems facing packaging in the food industry.
This solution, a combination of natural rubber and bioplastic, is a much stronger material than plastic and is able to preserve both fresh and frozen foods.

• The Chilean start-up Valnux transforms decommissioned walnuts into biodegradable thermoplastics with natural anti-bacterial properties.

Apifilm® has the ideal natural composition. GOTS2 is an organic cotton fabric that is designed and manufactured in France, reusable, cold-washable and HACCP1-certified. It is coated with components that are fully compatible with food contact: beeswax from the Alps, pine resin from the Landes, and organic French sunflower oil.

Corona’s concern about the impact of plastic on the ocean fauna led it to test a biodegradable ring made from vegetable fibres for its 6-packs.

• Pyrex presents Cook&Go, a range of glass dishes that are 30% lighter than traditional dishes and can be used to cook, store, and transport food safely, thanks to its secure lid with 4 flaps. The varied shapes and capacities are perfect for fixing healthy, balanced dishes.