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Published on 15/05/2019

image M.A.D.E.’s exhibitors

Tetra Pak’s 50cl Tetra Top® is a true eco-friendly innovation in the packaging world, and it also sports a modern design. Particularly innovative for on-the-go consumption, this packaging is composed of 82% renewable materials. Mainly composed of cardboard from FSC®-certified forests – to ensure the sustainable management of forests economically, socially and environmentally – it also includes more than 18% of plant-based plastic derived from certified sugar cane. This enables it to obtain the highest TUV certification in terms of the sustainability of materials. It is also fully recyclable. Its bottle-shaped design fits easily into a bag, and its wide and waterproof cap makes it particularly suitable for on-the-go consumption. With its unique, modern appearance, it offers the brand a large advertising surface and also stands out on the store shelves.

Tetra Brik ® Aseptic 1000 Edge, with vegetable-based plastic Wingcap™ cap, is the ideal packaging for beverages stored at room temperature, such as milk, juice, and vegetable beverages. Composed of cardboard sourced from FSC®-certified forests and sugar cane-based plastic, the Tetra Brik Aseptic 1000 Edge Bio-Based contains more than 89% renewable materials, enabling it to obtain the highest certification issued by the TÜV Institute. Its sloped roof ensures an optimal pouring of the product to the last drop, while providing a modern attractive appearance.

Tetra Pak’s Tetra Prisma® Aseptic 250 ml has a prism shape that makes it easy to hold and use. The packaging uses the DreamCap® cap to facilitate opening and closing. It is 30% larger than the previous version and provides a better flow of the cream, to the last drop. Tetra Prisma Aseptic Edge packaging is mainly made of cardboard. It is fully FSC®-certified, a label that guarantees the responsible economic, social, and environmental management of forests. The container is also fully recyclable. After being sorted by consumers, it is recycled by paper manufacturers and transformed into a variety of objects.

Carty presents Cartybox: A range of boxes that enhance and preserve food. These reusable boxes can be placed in the freezer, microwave oven, and dishwasher multiple times without any loss of quality.

Alaya Fabrics:
One of Alaya Fabrics’ flagship products is the bag for fruits and vegetables, grains, salads etc. It has seen a surge in popularity since the prohibition of plastic bags. Consumers love its smoothness, light weight, and durability. This reusable bag is an example of Alaya Fabrics’ ability to innovate to meet the most demanding needs in the face of changes in society. Our flexibility also enables us to create unique bags for your line of business.

Alternative Plastics
The Natur&co anti-waste bag helps extend the shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables. The Natur&co anti-waste bag multiplies the shelf life by 2 to 10.
By capturing the ethylene that is released naturally from fruits and vegetables, it slows down their ripening and increases the window for consumption.
It’s quick and easy to open and close.
It also regulates moisture and helps fruits and vegetables to retain their crispiness and vitamins. The anti-waste bags help fight against food waste. Moreover, they are reusable and recyclable, which enables them to participate in the circular economy.

Sumbox presents the alternative to eps: recyclable cardboard boxes that are isothermal and water-resistant. SUMBOXES are recyclable and can be directly transformed into paper in a normal recycling facility.

Applic'Etains, the world leader in pewter adhesive labels presents the opportunity to customise your luxury packaging. Your labels can be produced in several colours with a variety of finishes, e.g., an antique effect.

FPC Pack / Roberts Marts presents compostable printable packets that serve as a barrier to oxygen for coffee capsules.

The DSN agency presents a complete range of services within the graphic chain, from creative design to photoengraving. As a partner of the biggest brands in the food sector, our know-how in graphic production and prepress extends across all four continents: alongside our main locations in Antwerp, Rotterdam, and Sofia (Bulgaria), we also have branches around the world.

For over 40 years, SCOT has commercialised customised thermoforming alongside prominent partners throughout France. Chocolatiers, Confectioners, Ice cream parlours, Caterers ...

Grai has created a customised packaging for your food products: a printable Doypack with an integrated window insert in the bag.

Masterpress has specialised in the manufacture of Sleeves (heat-shrink sleeves) for covering, protecting, and advertising all types of products for more than 20 years. Masterpress’ machinery and skills enable it to respond to the most diverse needs: small or large quantities, repeat or one-time orders, simple or more sophisticated work. We print in Digital, Flexo, or Hybrid (Flexo-Helio combination). We also offer finishes with Silkscreen, Gilding, Varnish, and Special Inks.

Hega Packaging presents decorated and fully customisable Boxes / Packaging. Container for Biscuits, Confectionery ... all products for children and others

Mobeefox presents smart packaging. Contactless technologies like NFC and QR-code on the product’s packaging provide consumers with advice, recipes, videos. They can pay, play a quiz, interact with the customer service, geo-locate the nearest store, share services on social networks, and increase visibility ...
All in one flick of the wrist! No download required!
The same package presents information and services on the customer’s smartphone. These can be customised according to geolocation and language.
For example:
- the product in Tokyo can offer different services from Paris, London, or Brest.
- the content and services can be modified at any time and in just a few minutes, even when the product is at the customer’s home!
- The catchment area can be viewed and observed in real time on a map.
Since the product is geo-locatable (via the customer’s smartphone), we know the local weather, the level of air pollution, and the UV index.
So for example, the advice and services will vary depending on whether it is hot or cold!
As long as the smartphone is in the customer’s pocket, it’s like if you were there!
Due to mandatory information regulations, there is less space than ever to communicate with the consumer. We transform this finite space into an infinite multimedia and interactive space. You consume less raw materials.

With Packitoo, say goodbye to endless tortuous and unsuccessful bids. Connect all your custom packaging projects to the best packaging providers around the world and find them in one place.

Servo Artpack’s fully recyclable industrial packaging connects you with your customers and companies who are looking for sustainability and environmentally friendly products. This new type of laminated paper-polypropylene-barrier film looks like a classic packaging, but actually has two easy-to-separate layers, making it packaging 100% recyclable.
This flexible and innovative packaging is made of recyclable cellulose and plastic, which can be recycled separately. The special lamination makes it extremely easy to separate the paper from the plastic film with a simple pull, although it can be used with any industrial packaging machine.
Using paper as the outer layer facilitates the use of water-based inks and glues and ensures that the product is eco-friendly. This packaging also protects against thermal and light stresses – two elements that often cause packaged products to age.