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Published on 03/04/2019

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Nestlé (UK) is launching a package of 6 individual bowl-boxes of recyclable grains. These boxes can contain milk to enable on-the-go consumption.

British start-up Yumello has launched a range of 4 nut butters with North African-inspired ingredients like argan oil, dates, and spices.

Kölln (Ger) has launched a range of muesli made from fruits, nuts, and vegetables. The range includes: Carrot and ginger, beet and apple, broccoli and almond

In Great Britain, Kitkat is launching a version with ruby chocolate by Barry Callebaut

Valensina (Ger) is launching strawberry and basil juice for spring

Haagen-Dazs is launching the Barista collection in Germany. The range includes a coffee ice cream with an intense coffee sauce and pieces of brownie, and a caramel ice cream with black spiced tea, caramel, ginger sauce, and bits of crispy biscuits

Nestlé is launching a Ruby and Raspberry chocolate version in its Les Recettes de l’Atelier range

Willy’s (USA) is launching a fermented energy drink made from Kombucha and cider vinegar. It is 100% natural and contains no added sugar

Ferrero is continuing to diversify with next May’s launch of a new filled biscuit. Nutella B-Ready was a huge success, with unprecedented sales of €56 million in 2016 (its first year of existence). It continues to do well, as its 3 products garner sales of €43 million per year.

Orangina Schweppes is launching O’Vergers, a range of delicious still beverages that are low in sugar and contain natural ingredients. The recipes will contain at least 40% fruit and 51% spring water.

New ingredients that are relevant to innovation

Ami Ingrédients – Meltec®, a clean label texturizer that replaces conventional sugary syrups. Made with vegetable fibre from legumes (chickpea shell) and grains (non-GMO corn), it is a healthy sugar-free option. Water-soluble, odourless, tasteless, and unsweetened, its thick texture and load agent properties are due to the hexoses and polymers similar to pectin.

Epicéa – Nitrate-free brine addition. It guarantees greater bacteriological safety than cooking with ordinary fine salt (Listeria included). It prevents the oxidation of meat and is a solution for colouring meat. Finally, it enables the manufacturer to select the flavours and personalisation of the final product.

Savoie Lactée has developed ProtéAlpine 80, a concentrate of whey protein with 80% protein (WPC 80), a by-product of the Beaufort creation process.

Regulation and certification watch (Source: Process alimentaire)

EFSA has authorised the marketing of Ergonein by the French company Tetrahedron. This synthetic version of L-ergothioneine (an essential amino acid derived from histidine) is the first synthetic micronutrient allowed in Europe.
Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/387 of 11 March 2019 authorising an extension of the use of oil extracted from Schizochytrium sp. (ATCC PTA-9695) as a new foodstuff, as well as the change in the naming and labelling requirements of the oil extracted from Schizochytrium sp. (ATCC PTA-9695), pursuant to Regulation (EU) 2015/2283 of the European Parliament and the Council, and amending Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2017/2470 (Text with EEA relevance.)

Packaging / Process / Technology watch

Color food packages its dried fruits in a recyclable packet containing 40% less plastic than market standards

Tetra Pak’s 50cl Tetra Top® is a true eco-friendly innovation in the packaging world, and it also sports a modern design. Particularly innovative for on-the-go consumption, this packaging is composed of 82% renewable materials. Mainly composed of cardboard from FSC®-certified forests – to ensure the sustainable management of forests economically, socially and environmentally – it also includes more than 18% of plant-based plastic derived from certified sugar cane. This enables it to obtain the highest TUV certification in terms of the sustainability of materials. It is also fully recyclable. Its bottle-shaped design fits easily into a bag, and its wide and waterproof cap makes it particularly suitable for on-the-go consumption. With its unique, modern appearance, it offers the brand a large advertising surface and also stands out on the store shelves.

Alternative Plastics presents the anti-waste bag Natur&co, which helps extend the shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables. The Natur&co anti-waste bag multiplies the shelf life by 2 to 10. By capturing the ethylene that is released naturally from fruits and vegetables, it slows down their ripening and increases the window for consumption.
It’s quick and easy to open and close.