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Published on 03/04/2019

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After Chicago, Nutella Café has reached New York

Amazon will launch a new supermarket chain that is more general and conventional than Whole Foods


Half of the food purchases made in Franprix’s 900 French stores are consumed the same day. That explains Franprix’s continued transition towards distri-ration: 90% of stores are based on the Mandarine, Noé, or Darwin concepts: 3 to 80 seats, juice machines, rotisserie chicken. The Darwin concept includes a breakfast area with toasters and freshly cut fruit. In the same way, 300 Picard stores (out of 1,000) offer snacking options, alongside a dining area in 30 stores.


Deliveroo opens its first restaurant in Singapore. It includes 1 kitchen and a 40-seat dining area and features a fully automated ordering experience.

Distribution channels : new shopping experiences

Sodebo’s breakthrough innovation is self-service sales via its connected FreeGo storefront for businesses and schools. No more springs or products that fall from the vending machine! With this innovation, salads, lunch boxes, sandwiches, and a wide range of desserts and beverages (made available with partners), are freely accessible. First, consumers identify themselves using a pre-loaded card (available on the FreeGo website) or a QR code (a smartphone app will soon be available), which triggers the opening of the door. Then they are free to look at the products, handle them, and even put them back, as billing only occurs once the door has been closed. The concept is based on an intelligent weighing system that automatically deducts the selected products and debits the user’s card at the same time. The tool is simple to manage, as FreeGo is a turnkey system that works with a subscription plan. The capture rate at the 17 existing sites is around 33% (vs 10% for a fresh food vending machine in the break room), with an average spend of €4 (vs €2 for the vending machine).


Casino is testing clearance areas with discounts between 50% and 70%


Albert Heijn will test delivery by robot on the Eindhoven High Tech Campus (source: gondola)


The 240 Colruyt stores in Belgium and Luxembourg will be equipped with electronic tags to improve price changes (source: Gondola)