The exhibitors’ products

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Published on 28/02/2019

image The exhibitors’ products

Poulehouse presents an innovative concept that is respectful of all forms of life: a slaughter-free production system to provide the first egg that does not lead to a chicken’s death.
The hens live their entire lives at the pilot farm in the Limousin region or at partner breeders. They are raised in the outdoors according to organic principles that meet their needs.

La Marmite de Lanig presents a range of vegetarian, organic, and Breton seaweed-based stir-fries.

Gallimate presents the first French-style “Yerba Maté.” A mate-infused beverage that is traditionally consumed for its energising benefits.

PAF presents a range of organic fruit and vegetable juices that combine pleasure and health. They have been designed by chefs and our naturopath to both offer the best of nature’s benefits and introduce consumers to delicious and original combinations.

Chocmod is launching flower power marshmallows coated with dark chocolate. The range features violets and cherry blossoms

Les Rouleaux de Phébée presents 80% fruit rolls with natural texturing agents. They have fewer calories and their elevated fibre content makes them more satisfying than dried fruits.

NeoGourmets presents a range of soft biscuits with no added sugar and a low glycemic index. The products are made in Tourraine and do not contain additives or sweeteners.

Enjoyed propose des repas à boire et des barres de céréales. The products are delicious, healthy, balanced, vegan, protein-enriched, and free from palm oil. The company has partnered with Weight Watchers.

AMCFrance presents a range of vitamin-enriched water: Orange/Acerola/Baobab or Apple/Rose/Elderflower, as well as a banana/coconut smoothie with a hint of coffee.

Aquitaine Spécialités presents chocolate canelés

Les Cafés Sati presents Nespresso-type cappuccino capsules with milk packets

La Table Européenne presents a gluten-free protein bar with no palm oil or added sugar

Product Innovation watch

British start-up Matcha Works will launch a Matcha energy drink for Millennials. This beverage is naturally rich in caffeine and antioxidants and will be presented in a can as a natural alternative to Red Bull.

Danone is launching Volvic essentiel Bio, a range of beverages made with fruit and plant extracts and available in two flavours: lemon-grapefruit-rosemary and cucumber-mint-basil. No added sugar or preservatives

Dash Water is a sparkling British spring water infused with fruits or vegetables. The range consists of four flavours: cucumbers, blackcurrants, lemons, and raspberries. These beverages do not contain sugar or calories and come in 33cl cans.

In order to better meet the needs of consumers, Campina is replacing its low-lactose milk with lactose-free milk.

Snact (UK): Sustainable snack

Snact is a sustainable gluten-free vegan snack that is 100% made with imperfect fruits. It does not contain additives or preservatives and comes in a compostable bag

Haagen-Dazs is launching the Spirits range in the USA. This gourmet, alcohol-infused range features Irish Cream Brownie, Tres Leches Rum, Vanilla Bean & Truffle Bourbon, Stout Chocolate Pretzel Crunch, Pecan & Praline Bourbon, Non-dairy Amaretto Black Cherry Almond Toffee, and Irish Cream Cooky Squares.

Godiva is launching a range of premium biscuits: caramel lion, ganache heart, and hazelnut oyster

G’s Fresh group is expanding its Love Fresh range via a co-branding with Philadelphia. The range includes pieces of celery, baby cucumber, carrots, or grapes, and a small 35g tub of Philadelphia for dipping.

The American company South Mill Champs, which specialises in the production of mushrooms, is launching Shrooms, a range of dried mushroom snacks in packets or bars

Native snacks is launching a range of popped lotus seeds that are rich in fibre, protein, iron, zinc, and phosphorus. These gluten-free, vegan products do not contain added sugar or additives, and contain 60% less fat than traditional crisps.

New ingredients that are relevant to innovation

-Limagrain Céréales Ingrédients presents a new solution to reduce the amount of acrylamide in bakery products. Less Acrylamide is a 100% clean label solution that calls itself “wheat flour.” With a dosage of 0.5%, it reduces the rate by 35%
-Berrico presents Cranflakes®, organic dried cranberries with no added sugar or juices. They are crisp and have an intense flavour.
Univar retails a yellow chlorella-based protein concentrate that has a very neutral flavour and is manufactured by Corbion
-CP Kelco has just launched a new citrus pectin: Genu Explorer Pectin ND-200. This clean label product replaces carrageenans or gelatin in pH-neutral ultra-fresh desserts. It can gel when cold or hot and does not cause syneresis
-Sensient Food Colors is expanding its range of natural colourings with Pistachio Green, a heat-resistant chlorella extract that can be used in ice creams, cakes, extruded snacks, cereals, and pasta.