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Published on 14/02/2019

image Retailer strategy

7-Eleven inaugurated a facial recognition system in its stores to better understand the behaviours and emotions of consumers. The system can recognise members and send them personalised offers, products, information, ...

The Chinese brand 7Fresh is setting up smart robots / shopping carts that help consumers find products on their list. The robot is equipped with a screen that informs the consumer about the products.

Walmart presents “Check out with me,” a system that enables consumers to pay for their shopping anywhere in the store using “mobile checkouts” that are equipped with a bar code scanner and Bluetooth payment pad.

Carrefour has equipped its Shanghai store with new technologies, including facial recognition payment software and a Scan and Go app that enables customers to scan products using a Code and exit the store without going through the checkouts.

In the USA, PepsiCo is testing the use of Snackbots to deliver Hello Goodness healthy snacks and beverages at the University of the Pacific campus at Stockton. Students order on an app, and the Snackbots deliver the products to more than 50 different points on campus.

Carrefour will be experimenting with a fully automated supermarket in Brussels. Instead of walking up and down aisles, shoppers will select their products on screens. Robots will put together the shopping. This new store will also feature lockers for picking up online orders. It will probably be a Carrefour Express (source: Linéaires). In addition, Carrefour Belgium is partnering with Untienots, a start-up that uses AI to personalise promotional and loyalty programmes. Their Bonus Challenges use AI and gamification to interact with customers who are Carrefour Bonus members (Gondola).

In Canada, Loblaw’s is testing a new technology that enables consumers to scan their purchases using their mobile phone. For now, payment still takes place at the store’s exit, but Loblaw plans to eventually integrate payment in the app.

After Métro’s vertical vegetable gardens, Infarm installed a small hydroponic herbal greenhouse in a Casino supermarket.
Infarm already supplies more than 40 Edeka supermarkets in Germany and seven Migros stores in Switzerland.
Along the same lines, a dozen Monoprix stores in France invite customers to watch mushrooms grow in Upcycle’s “mushroom bars.” Staff harvest the mushrooms every two weeks.

Franprix is partnering with TwinswHeel, a manufacturer of autonomous robots. After a first demonstration last September in the rue de Montreuil (Paris 11) store, the retailer shared with Le Parisien its goal to test the French start-up’s droids in the thirteenth arrondissement of Paris “sometime during 2019.” (Source: Linéaires)

In the USA, Ahold Delhaize is equipping its supermarkets with 500 robots called Marty, which are used to detect dangers in stores.

Bonduelle presents an automatic salad bar

Colruyt is testing a voice assistant. During the testing period, customers will be able to dictate their shopping lists to their smartphones and receive customised product suggestions. The conversational shopping market should increase from $2 billion today to €40 billion across all sectors by 2022.