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Published on 14/02/2019

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There are compelling demographic (9–11 billion people to feed in 2015[SK1] ) and ecological (climate disruption, water scarcity, ...) reasons for the food-processing sector to undergo an unprecedented revolution. As a result, investors and multinationals are talking about FoodTech and integrating it into their strategies. Several start-ups are flourishing across the entire chain – from seeds or cells to consumers.
In 2017, annual global investments in food technologies, farm management systems, robotics, and mechanisation more than tripled to reach $10 billion.

Annual expenditure in food-processing technologies (in billions of $)

According to Usine nouvelle, €4.2 billion have been invested in the sector over the past four years. There are 1,655 start-ups active in Europe across all sectors: production, manufacturing, delivery, and even recycling.
Drones, agricultural robots, vertical farms, grown meat, insects, aquaponics, hydroponics, apps, distribution circuits, additive manufacturing ... the entire food planet is reinventing itself.
The turnover of food e-commerce:

Digital technologies in the catering sector (source: Arcane)

The e-commerce market reached $10 billion in New Zealand (+9%). E-commerce makes up only 3–4% of the groceries market, but the sector’s turnover increased by 37% in 2018 (vs +3% for physical stores). That means e-commerce accounted for 59% of the overall sector’s growth, while physical stores accounted for 41%. The typical online consumer is rather young (15–44 years old), very connected, and is more concerned with health and convenience than price.


The MyFitnessPal nutritional coaching app has 150 million users in 2018
Yuka has been downloaded by 5.6 million users, and 8% of French people use interactive apps to analyse the ingredients of the products they buy.
75% of American consumers look for information online when they feel that the packaging’s information is not clear enough.
25% of French Millennials use an app to track exactly what they eat
In July 2017, 3% of refrigerators sold in France were connected models.
30% of American homes are equipped with a smart speaker (70% expected in 2022)
73% of the catering business could be automated, according to McKinsey.
In France, nearly half of French people have already ordered food products online, according to a survey by Médiamétrie-NetRatings.
One quarter of French people have already used a drive-through
According to an Opinion Way survey for Mastercard, 77% of French people prefer using a desktop computer to make online purchases (11% prefer a tablet, and 10% prefer a smartphone). Phones are especially used in the Île-de-France region (16%), and by 25–34-year-olds (23%).