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Published on 31/01/2019

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Harris Interactive has conducted a survey for AG2R la Mondiale on the new health expectations of French people. Here are the main results :

- 52% of French people believe that good health is not simply the absence of disease
- 70% of French people believe that the environment (climate, air quality, water, etc.) has a significant impact on their health (76% of young people).

To be healthy, it is important :

- 69% to be in full possession of your intellectual abilities
- 68% to feel good about yourself
- 62% to be in full possession of your physical abilities

For the French, some health issues have become particularly important in the last 10 years
- 69% work-related psychological problems
- 60% loss of autonomy, dependence
- 56% work-related physical health problems (Bore-out 67%, Burnout 65%, Work arduousness 60%)
- 58% addiction problems (78% mobile phones, 77% social networks, 75% video games)

According to a survey by CHD Expert, 62% of French drink coffee at work. 59% of French consumers start their working day with a coffee.

According to Food Service Vision, 60% of French people want to eat local products when they are out, and 69% are concerned about the impact of food on their health

According to a survey by Kantar Worldpanel, 61% of French people want to know the origin of the ingredients in the products they consume, and 94% believe that food waste should be reduced.