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Published on 31/01/2019

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More than half of French people bought products and services online in 2017, including 29% who bought food products. Total spending reached €81.7 billion. Internet is now the 5th distribution circuit for organic products, after supermarkets, specialised stores, direct sales, and local stores. Furthermore, 100% of the customers who used the drive-through bought organic products at least once. However, specialised retailers are still not very present online. They have their work cut out for them to adapt to this mode of consumption.

The turnover of grocery desserts = €1.15 billion (+0.7%)
- Compotes: €525 million (+2.3%)
- Pastry aids: €250 million (+0.6%)
- Fruit in syrup: €155 million (+0.7%)
- Dessert mixes: €100 million (-1.9%)
- Sugars and yeasts: €75 million (-1.6%)
- Ready desserts: €50m (-6.1%)

o Bottles: €326 million (+3.3%)
o Cups: €127.6 million (=)
o Jars: €70 million (+2.8%)

Market share :

o MOM (Materne): 48.1% (-0.1%)
o Private label brands: 36.3% (+1.7%)
o Andros: 10.9% (-2%)
o St Mamet: 0.4% (-0.5%)
o Other: 4.3% (+0.9%)

Convenience stores had a turnover of €11 billion in 2017 (10.4% of the market). There are currently 10,708 convenience stores in France (Source Iri 2018)

There are 2,700 specialised organic stores in France. They achieved a turnover of nearly €2.9 billion in 2017, 15% more than in 2016. This represents 36% of the organic market. In France, organic retailers are facing concentration issues and the arrival of new organic stores created by large general retail chains. They need to be reorganised and restructured to focus on their core identity: proximity to consumers. That means organic stores need to promote the local nature of their products, partner with producers, improve the training of their employees to provide advice, and use digital tools and big data to retain their customers. Alongside concept and know-how, digital technology is an essential tool to improve the consumer’s experience and loyalty. Organic sales outlets have a wide range of ways to stand out: social networks, geolocation, innovative payment solutions, e-commerce, dematerialisation of coupons and loyalty cards, free Wi-Fi access, Click and Collect, etc.