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Published on 12/12/2018

image M.A.D.E.’s exhibitors

La Conserverie Arnaud presents Mon P'tit boudin, a gluten-free spread without colouring or preservatives

TITOK PRODUCTION built on its know-how and R&D to create a range of sauce bases made with organic ingredients.

Their flavour, texture, and ease of use ensure that they meet consumers’ expectations. Consumers can already use these products to quickly improve their dishes and make organic choices

Pâtisserie Gourmande presents a range of long-life (12 months) pastries without artificial flavours, colouring, glucose/fructose syrup, or palm oil.

Fruiss presents a range of organic syrups and another of cocktail syrups with natural flavours and no preservatives (Spritz, Pina Colada, Caipirinha, GinFizz)

Pedon presents 100% natural Souperpures. The unique soups made with grains and pulses are 100% organic, gluten free, and ready in just 2 minutes. The new range offers a variety of quick and easy recipes providing essential fibre and protein for a balanced diet! You can taste Souperpures in 3 flavours: chickpeas, peas, grains and pulses (quinoa, coconut beans, corn, and chickpeas).

Yéo Frais presents a 100% natural unflavoured yoghurt fountain made with fresh milk, lactic ferments, and nothing else.

Béliès presents Snack Olive, a healthy take-away snack. A fresh unpasteurised product with a low salt content

Bio Good presents 100% fruit purees.

Poco Loco presents an organic range that includes tortilla crisps, salsa crisps, and tortilla wraps

Bret’s presents the only 100% organic flavoured crisps on the market: the potatoes, sunflower oil, and selected flavours are 100% organic. Only the Guérande salt is not.

Other recent launches

Swapples (USA): Reinvented waffles that replace refined flour and sugar and thickeners with 6 real ingredients – fruits, vegetables, and spices. The range is based on yucca and does not contain grains, milk, egg, nuts, or soy. It includes blueberry, cinnamon, garlicky greens, Everything, and tomato and basil

Paren presents a range of frozen vegetables grown without pesticides and sold in a paper bag

Cocasse presents veggie tablets containing 63% vegetables, 37% cocoa butter, and nothing else.

Fruta (Brazil) presents Natchup, a 100% natural and preservative-free ketchup made from acerola, pumpkin, and beetroot.

Lact’Union, a French company located in the north of France, partnered with Tetra Pak to launch a Promess-brand dairy dessert for export. Made from 100% fresh French milk, the Promess dairy dessert combines Lactinov’s know-how with Tetra Prisma® Aseptic 200ml, the ideal packaging to guarantee a long shelf life at room temperature, without adding preservatives.

Clean Label Ingredients

Olmix presents FiberSea and Emulsea, solvent-free extracts based on French algae (from Brittany and Vendée). These are clean label alternatives to commercial stabilisers and emulsifiers. They can also replace eggs and gluten in gluten-free and/or vegan recipes. The products are available in organic quality.
Diana Natural presents acerola or rosemary extracts to replace preservatives in recipes
Elayo presents a 100% natural olive flour that is rich in protein, fibre, and omega 3