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Published on 14/11/2018

image Expert updates: Local

While it is difficult to quantify, the French market for local and regional products remains dynamic, according to the experts at Xerfi Precepta, who have just published a study on this subject.

The number of product launches that emphasised local origins increased by 78% worldwide between January 2014 and November 2018 (source InnovaDatabase)

Faced with various health crises that have affected the food-processing sector, and especially industrial manufacturers, consumers who want to be reassured have flocked to the safe haven of local products.
But fear is not the only reason consumers have been choosing to buy local products.

According to a survey by GlobalData (2017), 70% of consumers around the world associate local products with freshness, 62% believe that they benefit the local economy, and 38% believe that they are healthier. Sustainable development is also one of the market drivers.


The French bread brand JACQUET partnered with the BVA and B2B Intelligence institutes to survey consumers*, distributors**, and farmers on the topic Made in France. The results show that the vast majority of consumers (73%), farmers (69%), and distributors (66%) are willing to pay more for products that are made in France.
55% of consumers and 71% of distributors find that the selling prices of French products are higher than average.
On the other hand, 55% of farmers believe that the price of French food products is too low to properly compensate the sectors involved.
Nevertheless, respondents are ready to buy French products to support the economy and jobs in France (80% of consumers, 73% of distributors, and 75% of farmers).
91% of consumers are more inclined to buy French food products, and 79% of distributors say that the “French product” label increases sales.
The trend to buy French products is not just a fad. 82% of consumers and 90% of retailers believe it is a long-term trend that is likely to strengthen in the coming years!
80% of consumers, 69% of farmers, and 61% of distributors consider that the origin of the initial elements is, by far, the most important criterion in establishing that a product is manufactured in France.
52% of consumers and 31% of distributors have full confidence in the “Origine France Garantie” logo on packaging.
55% of retailers say they are in favour of creating department stores dedicated to products that are made in France. 81% of consumers and 90% of farmers would like to be able to more clearly identify French products when they do their grocery shopping.