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Published on 25/10/2018

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In France, 20,000 new restaurants open on average each year, so it is essential for them to innovate if they want to attract new customers. In particular, they can offer the ability to pre-order online or via terminals. The InnovOrder solution includes five major products: a cash register software, an e-commerce solution, order terminals, a loyalty programme, and a data analysis tool.
Mondi launches a recyclable barrier film. This laminated film was developed for pre-shaped Stand Up-type bags.

Ballaerstaedt presents a new aluminum-free foil liner that is compatible with PET jars and trays: BaCo Sealfilm PET-W Unicoat 5.1. This white PET sheet looks good but also has excellent sealing properties that ensure the packaging is watertight. It can withstand sealing temperatures up to 230°C.

Meyer Seals presents several innovations, among which the ALKOseal pierce ‘n’ peal solution. It is a cap that is designed to be intuitive and easy to open. The print and the shape of the opening area are customisable as needed. This easy opening system meets the needs of aging populations.

The NatureFlex films presented by Futamura are made from cellulose derived from FSC or PEFC-certified raw materials. They should offer an excellent barrier to oxygen and flavour, supplemented by a functional barrier to mineral oils (MOSH / MOAH) for more than five years. NatureFlex is biodegradable and “home-compostable” and is aimed at the fruit and vegetable, tea and coffee, dairy, meat, dry goods, and confectionery markets. It can be combined with cardboard or paper.