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The exhibitors’ products

Category : Innovation, products, and ingredients watch

Published on 25/10/2018

image The exhibitors’ products

Wolf ButterBack specialises in frozen pastries. Among the novelties are cheese or ham-and-cheese sticks and Croffins, a cross between croissants and muffins: vanilla-chocolate or chocolate-cherry.

Robert Mart presents flexible films for all types of packaging. To meet the expectations of consumers in terms of sustainable development, the company has developed paper bags that are perfect for your organic products.

IDmer is a research and development platform serving innovation in seafood products.
Specifically, the company has worked on Chitosan, a polymer derived from marine resources that is used in the production of water-resistant paper and cardboard packaging.

Carapack is a company that specialises in “Made in France” caramel. The products range from classic caramel to caramel shards and sauces in squeeze containers. Among the new products are unflavoured organic caramel and organic butter.

Meesters van de Halm is a Dutch company that specialises in organic breakfast cereals: Granola, muesli, flakes, ...
Among the new products are quinoa, teff, and amaranth flakes; spelt muesli; crispy high-protein muesli; ...

Herbissima is a French company that specialises in the production of conventional and organic and free trade herbs and plants for teas, coffees, and herbal teas.

Since 1988, Helpac has been reaping the benefits of plants in the heart of Auvergne. The company offers organic essential oils, organic vegetable oils, organic aromatic hydrolates, ...

The Baillon bakery offers traditional Poitou products, including cheese cake made with cow’s milk or goat’s milk and white cheese cake, as well as a wide range of dry cakes, such as the famous Broyé du Poitou. As part of its commitment to the Bleu, Blanc, Cœur initiative, the company also offers organic products

The Fabié bakery has been producing a wide range of regional and authentic desserts adapted to the needs of food and retail professionals since 1935. Fabié transformed the typically French dessert of sweet pies into a global star. We offer 120 gourmet combinations made with fruit – apples, plums, lemons – as well as chocolate, almonds, walnuts ... Large pies, pre-cut pies, mini pies, and even individual slices ...
Our know-how and ability to innovate already enable us to meet the multiple demands of catering and distribution professionals. One of Fabié’s innovations is a desserts configurator. This latest addition to the range enables an almost infinite number of configurations to meet all possible needs and requests!

Desobry is a biscuit factory that sells to the world’s largest brands in more than 40 countries, has a catalogue of 45 different biscuits, and continues to innovate, both in terms of the biscuits themselves (ganaches, pearls, crunch) and in terms of packaging (Premium Boxes, Moment Box, snack packs).

Desobry biscuits are authentic Belgian products, made with real Belgian chocolate in our biscuit factory in Tournai.