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Distribution channels: new shopping experiences

Category : Distribution channel: strategy and new experiences

Published on 25/10/2018

image Distribution channels: new sho...

• A 1,000 m2 vegetable garden will be built in an eco-designed building in Romainville (93) in 2019. In addition to the plants, there will be educational workshops and a space for sales, catering, and events.

• After South America, Casino is expanding its cash & carry business into Cameroon and opening Bao, a 2,000 m2 store that is open to both professionals and the general public.

• In line with “America First,” Amazon launched Amazon Storefront, a virtual store in the USA dedicated to products manufactured by American SMEs. The companies can be selected according to various criteria: family, craft, start-up, women CEOs.

• Leclerc is extending its drive-through business to catering professionals with a new dedicated portal: www.pro.leclercdrive.fr, which proposes adapted packaging and associated services. 1?? drive-through have adopted this concept so far.
• More and more kiosk concepts are appearing in stores. After sushi, salad bars, and fruit stands, we now have Fleury Michon’s new Merci Bocaux concept, which offers starters, dishes, and desserts in jars.

• Monoprix’s new Smart Monop’ app enables customers to scan items using their smartphones and triggers a mobile payment when they pass a terminal.

• Franprix is testing a self-service device to measure nitrate levels in fruits and vegetables.

o In Belgium, Delitraiteur is launching Eat&Go, a hybrid concept between catering and retail. The range includes 250 ready meals, a soup bar, a coffee corner, and an area for eating. (source: Gondola)

Consumer trends & changes in purchasing behaviours

• According to Kantar Worldpanel, only 28% of French people still trust brands (-5% in five years). Two-thirds say they are worried about food safety, and the morale of consumers is 2% lower. This new climate of suspicion benefits organic (+17% in volume) and vegetarian products (meat and dairy substitutes are up 30%). Fifteen percent of French people now consume animal protein less than twice a week (+2% in four years). (Linéaires)
• 85% of consumers do their research online before going to the restaurant

• According to a study by CHD expert, France is 17th in the world for coffee consumption:
o 44% of French people eat breakfast outside of home
o 9 in 10 drink coffee
o 62% drink coffee at their place of work
o 18% drank at least one coffee in a bakery over the past week.
o 25–34-year-olds consume an average of 17 cups of coffee a week outside of home.

• According to a CSA survey for Cifog, here are the essential products for French festive meals:
o Foie gras: 80% of French people
o Smoked salmon: 60%
o Yule log: 57%
o Oysters: 47%
o Turkey: 19%
o Lobster: 11%

• According to Kantar Worldpanel and Lineaires:
o Twenty percent of French people buy frozen foods online (5.1 million buyers)
o E-commerce accounts for 5.3% of the frozen food market in France, and 7.6% for supermarkets (€322 million)
o Online sales cannibalise 48% of hypermarket sales and 34% of supermarket sales
• According to an Ifop survey for Interbev, only 21% of French people consume meat every day or almost every day (-7% in 3 years)