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Published on 12/09/2018

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M.A.D.E.’s exhibitors

Wepub is a software publisher that specialises in affordable solutions for dynamic display. In particular, it has developed a solution to enable merchants to communicate with customers via a screen.

TagMyFood is a startup that promotes food transparency and provides reliable and comprehensive information to consumers regarding their food, while showcasing the expertise of professionals from the food-processing sector.

FAR uses augmented reality and a screen to inform you whether the analysed product is right for you. You no longer need to study the packaging: simply point your smartphone’s camera to the products you are interested in, and let Far take care of the rest.

Mooveat is an app that geo-locates local products from sustainable agriculture to enable consumers to buy fresh products for direct sale and experiment with short circuits.

VitaVinum is developing digital tools for the wine sector based on the modelling of sensory, geographic, and marketing data.

Soyooz is a product-recommendation solution based on usage. Like wine merchants, soyooz understands your needs and helps you select the most suitable products. It is the top player in France, with more than 150,000 wine recommendations covering more than 10,000 wines.

YouMeal is a startup with several years of research in the field of food information. Youmeal’s technology provides high quality data on food ingredients and covers food recipes. The information provides the complete nutritional identity card of a food product: allergens, macronutrients (calories, lipids, carbohydrates, salt, etc.), micronutrients (vitamins and minerals), and environmental impact (water, energy, soil, etc.). YouMeal is a powerful and user-friendly tool to analyse recipes, and it also provides all the necessary data upstream.

The Keendoo app can centralise all the product-specific data and share it, both internally and externally. You can use it to manage product information in a collaborative and secure way, from design to distribution to commercialisation.

Other recent launches

Albal has launched the “Foodsaver” app. It aims to help consumers manage the contents of their freezer and the food they freeze on a day-to-day basis: what can I freeze? How? For how long?... It will also help reduce food waste.

This user-friendly app works with a unique code that will appear on each Ultra-Zip Albal freezer bag. Simply select the food you are freezing and enter the unique code on the bag, the date, and put it in the freezer. If the food has not been thawed before the expiry of the optimal storage time, the app will send an alert to your smartphone.

Today, 80% of French people choose their restaurant online.

However, restaurant owners use few-to-no digital tools to attract and retain their customers. At the same time, 77% of them list the lack of customers as their main difficulty. Malou activates all the services that can help win customers: local and multichannel referencing, e-reputation, community management on social networks, website, influencer marketing, and advertising campaign.

epicery enables you to shop online at your local stores (butchers, fishmongers, greengrocers, Monoprix, Naturalia) and schedule deliveries for whenever you want, even within one hour.
Fill your fridge with good products, 7/7.

Care eat is a digital portal that assesses anti-waste habits, proposes concrete action plans, and showcases ??committed professionals. The evaluation is based on an anti-waste brief with 13 categories and 112 verification points. The professionals committed to sustainability are showcased in a digital guide that increases their visibility. An anti-waste label makes the link between evaluation and promotion.

Veggup is a new app that helps to reduce meat consumption.

Smile&Pay is revolutionising contactless payment and offers solutions that are very adapted to the needs of small companies: retail outlets, pop-up stores, market sellers; event associations and professionals; conservation and construction professionals; liberal professions and artisans; taxis and chauffeur-driven passenger vehicles; coaches, hairdressers, home help, graphic designers, photographers? By using Smile&Pay’s 100% French technology, they can now accept bank cards instead of missing sales.

The Pocket Smile terminal is barely larger than a card and fits in your pocket. It accepts debit cards, VISA and MASTERCARD, contactless payments, and Apple Pay while eliminating the fees and requirements imposed by banks.


PreScouter Research identified 11 companies involved in smart packaging across 4 different sectors:

Barcodes / QR Codes:

  • Amcor MaXQ is a QR code that consumers can scan for more product and company information, coupons, and targeted messages.
  • Evrythng IoT offers connected packaging that enables manufacturers to follow their products throughout their lifecycle and also avoid counterfeits.
  • ScanTrust IoT combines QR technology, 2D Barcodes, and an IoT portal to create a code that cannot be falsified. The IoT portal tracks the product throughout the supply chain
  • Smartglyph has created a new barcode that enables more interaction between consumers and brands.
  • MagicAdd uses QR, RFID, and NFC codes to track products throughout their lifecycle.

Augmented reality

  • Use the Blippar app to scan and learn more about a product.

Printed circuits and sensors

  • PragmatIC’s FlexICs is a low-cost electronic film that adapts to everyday products and contains RFID or NFC technology.

  • Thinfilm developed a technology that enables consumers to receive personalised content on their smartphones. OpenSense technology consists of a sensor that detects whether the packaging is open or closed and provides information accordingly.

  • Water.IO. developed a technology that connects packaging to an Internet of Packaging (IoP) portal that provides product information without having physical access to the packaging.

Smart indicators / ink / pigments

  • The Timestrip technology develops weather and temperature indicators in the form of strips that are glued to the packaging. This enables it to warn a distributor or consumer when the product is at the end of its shelf life

  • Insignia Technologies uses intelligent inks and pigments that change colour in changing temperatures or CO2 levels.