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Published on 12/09/2018

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According to a DigitalFooLab study, there were 472 FoodTec startups operating in France in 2017. The number of annual creations is rising sharply, with 68 creations in 2014 compared to 131 in 2016.

Even better, fundraising has increased six-fold between 2013 (€22 million) and 2016 (€139 million), although that accounted for only 2.2% of global investments in FoodTech ($6.3 billion in 2016).

80% of fundraising takes place in the Île-de-France region

Despite the weight of the food-processing sector in the French economy, FoodTech represented only 11% of FrenchTech investments in 2016!

More than 90% of investments are concentrated in three sectors:

  • AgriTech: for the agricultural world
  • Retail & Delivery: e-commerce, delivery
  • Foodservice: for catering

Other sectors include:

  • Foodscience: new products, future food, hardware
  • Media: social networks, …
  • Coaching: personalised nutrition

The International Federation of Robotics (IFR) released its 2018 report on robotics around the world at the Automatica 2018 exhibition (held from the 18th to the 22nd of June). The document points to record numbers, with 380,550 industrial robots installed in 2017. This represents a 29% increase over 2016. Impressive demand from China (+58%) is the main reason for this growth. By way of comparison, in the United States (the 4th largest buyer worldwide, behind China, South Korea, and Japan) and in Germany (the top buyer in Europe and the 5th in the world), sales “only” rose 6% and 8% respectively. Unfortunately, France is not mentioned in this report, which suggests there is lots of room for progress. (Source: Process alimentaire)


  • According to a UBS report quoted by Business Insider, the meal delivery trend will lead consumers – primarily millennials – to cook less often, and thereby generate significant sales drops for food brands.
    This study predicts that “ready-to-eat” food delivery could account for 10% of the total food sales market, rising from $35 billion in market share today to $365 billion by 2030. (Source: Pour Nourrir Demain)
  • 57% of French, 65% of Americans, and 91% of Chinese think that conversational assistants will make their lives easier. (Source: Havas for Paris retail week).