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The exhibitors’ products

Category : Innovation, products, and ingredients watch

Published on 30/08/2018

image The exhibitors’ products

The exhibitors’ products


Marie de Livinhac presents a range of superfoods-based vegan cream mixes.


ARC Food France presents a range of traditionally prepared fresh pizzas, along with pasta-based ready meals combining tradition and creativity and featuring Mediterranean products (hummus, tzatziki, tapenade, olives, ...)


Forchy Pâtissier presents a range of brownies and blondies, with one featuring red berries, and the other, chocolate chips.


Andresy Confitures presents a range of jams made in France


Le Comptoir du cacao is an artisanal chocolate factory that offers a range of chocolates, pralines, crunchies, truffles, croustines ... including Cacao Péro®: spiced chocolates to enjoy as hors d’oeuvres.

St Michel Biscuit propose le Crunchy chocolat, un goûter croustillant riche en céréales soufflées avec un St Michel Biscuit presents Crunchy chocolate, a crunchy puffed grain snack with a delicious chocolate topping.

L’Abeille presents a range of preservative-free soft drinks (lemonades, colas, tonic waters, soft drinks with fruit juice), thanks to the installation of a new aseptic line. The company is also able to produce energy drinks with black PET bottles.


Les Crudettes now offer a range of organic products


Camargue Production presents a range of organic rice and grains


Teisseire presents the FRAÎCHEUR DE FRUITS range: syrups that contain 85% fruit and less sugar..


Inalpi is launching a new range of dairy products made with Piedmont milk




Product Innovation watch


  • Happy Yours is launching a range of three SOT-L’Y-LAISSE marinated chicken bites: lemon-rosemary, tandoori, Espelette pepper.


  • Lactel is launching a 50 cl organic kefir



  • Lutti is launching a range of jellies containing up to 50% less sugar


  • Ferrero is launching Kinder Bueno pearls in Germany



  • Raisio is expanding its Benecol range with fruit, nut, and whole oats bars that also contain plant stanols to lower cholesterol.


Eat Natural presents its new soy protein-enriched dried fruit and nut bars .


Follow Your Heart presents a vegetable mayonnaise made with grape seed oil, a great way to use by-products from this wine-growing region (California). The product is manufactured using solar energy.




New ingredients that are relevant to innovation


  • The German startup Savanna Ingredients is launching the production of a non-calorie sugar called allulose. Executive Director, Dr. Timo Koch, explains: “Allulose is found in nature, but only in very small amounts. We studied how it is produced and developed a method to manufacture it large-scale from sugar beet.” The exact method has been patented.


  • Böcker France is launching Böcker Germe RUSTIK, a new dehydrated wheat germ starter, obtained through an exclusive fermentation and drying process that creates toasted aromas, such as grilled hazelnut. It enables the creation of rustic breads with a nice dark golden colour and soft round crumb. This easy-use starter guarantees consistent results and enables you to make traditional character-filled bread.


  • Unipex presents a wide range of fibres (wheat, oats, bamboo, sugar cane, cellulose ...). It also presents apple, pea, and cocoa fibres for manufacturers of meat products, ready meals, breads and pastries, dairy products, diet products, chocolate, etc.


  • Colin Ingrédients presents a new range of organic culinary bases for ready meals made with meat or fish, as well as vegetarian and clean label recipes (Organic mixed herbs – Organic chicken broth – Organic roast pork cooking juice)
  • Zea10 presents ingredients derived from stillage: protein, fibre, and isolates, as well as soluble protein concentrates. The ingredients are 100% natural and sustainably produced as by-products of the beer brewing process.




Regulation and certification watch


  • Nutri-Score®, the official nutritional labelling in France, continues to attract food companies and is growing across Europe. More than 70 companies in the food-processing and distribution sectors have chosen to use Nutri-Score labelling on all their products. Auchan, which is already committed in France, will add the Nutri-Score label to its products in Portugal. This demonstrates momentum, consumer buy-in, and the economic stakeholders’ commitment to Nutri-Score®.
  • Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2018/991 of 12 July 2018 authorising the commercialising of egg white lysozyme hydrolyzate as a new food product pursuant to Regulation (EU) 2015 / 2283 of the European Parliament and the Council and amending Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2017/2470 (Text with EEA relevance.)
  • Decision of 9 July 2018 regarding the registration for special medical purposes of the dietary food product PAIN G-NUTRITION, by DIJON CEREALES, in Title I of the list of reimbursable products and services provided for in Article L. 165-1 of the Social Security Code
  • Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2018/938 of 20 June 2018, published in the Official Gazette on 3 July 2018, entering a name in the register of protected designations of origin and protected geographical indications [“Sauerkraut of Alsace” (PGI)]