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Packaging : Monoprix’s graphic minimalism appeals to urbanites

Category : Process technologie

Published on 23/10/2017

image Packaging : Monoprix’s graphic...

Monoprix focuses on graphic simplicity in a new range of “food to go” products. The retailer worked with the Brandimage agency.

Monoprix recently launched a new “food to go” range of lunches for urbanites. The minimalist packaging showcases the freshness of the products.

This trendy packaging is available for several products: sandwiches, salads, pressed fruit juices, desserts, as well as hot and cooked dishes.

Transparency, simplicity, minimalism, modernity

The transparent label is ultra-simple and goes straight to the point without detracting from the product.   The goal: to highlight the product’s appearance, the quality of the ingredients, and the simplicity of the recipes.

The typography is also simple and modern. The capital “LE” emphasizes the uniqueness of ?each product. It is the common denominator across the range. The black or white font is direct and effective.

The quality label is in line with consumer expectations when it comes to ingredients: “prepared by hand,” “fruits picked at maturity,” etc.

This new range was designed by Brandimage, an international consulting firm for brands.


As a major player in downtown retail, Monoprix has become a master in the art of trendy and offbeat packaging. The retailer’s strategy of working with large advertising agencies has paid off, with each campaign going viral.

The recipe for its success can be summed up in a few words: humor, puns, offbeat, simplicity, modernity.